Forced rotation cloth the methods to ensure the load - bearing blocks, lightweight aggregate blocks, fly ash blocks fully dense, and shorten the fabric of time. All electrical components, hydraulic components are world famous brands. The Imported color touch screen and PLC applications, the realization of block production line automation, saving operation interval time and improve the productivity, the Using four - oriented approach and with excellent long guide sleeve rotation to force rapid cloth, to ensure the bearing block, lightweight aggregate block, fly ash blocks of fully dense, and shorten the time of fabric. All electrical components, hydraulic components adopt world famous brands. And the application of imported PLC, color touch screen to realize the automatic block production across the board, save the time interval of operation, improve the productivity. With four rod guide way and cooperate with the excellent long guide sleeve and ensure the accuracy of the pressure head and die movement. The body USES super thick wall steel and special welding technology, very strong resistance to vibration. Vibration force strong. 2 mm, amplitude of vibration acceleration 15 g, makes the materials of rapid prototyping in about 3 seconds, cement fully liquefied, under the condition of normal weight ratio, strength of block up to 10 mpa. Control system adopts automatic control mode, the operation is simple to understand. Equipped with data input and output devices. Realize the man-machine dialogue. Have advanced self-diagnosis software package, the real-time display system operation state, found fault alarm prompt in time.



SPEC. Block
390*190*190 71Pcs/m³
390*100*190 135Pcs/m³
Rectangular 200*100*60 50Pcs/m² I Shape 200*165*60 30Pcs/m² S Paver
225*112.5*60 40Pcs/m²
Porous Brick
240*115*90 402Pcs/m³
240*115*53 683Pcs/m³
Pcs/Pallet 12 21 42 28 30 30 60
Pcs/Hour 2160


7560 5040 5400 5400 10800
Pcs/8 Hour 17280 30240 60480 40320 43200 43200 86400
Year(300day) 73014m³ 67200m³ 362880m² 399208m² 328101m² 129600000Pcs 25920000Pcs

Overall Dimensions 7200*5200*2900(mm)
Pallet Size(mm) 1350*900*30(Bamboo)
Machine Weight 13100kg
The Frequency Of Vibrate 50-90Hz
Max Excitation Force 130KN
Cycle Time(s) 15-20S
Installed Capacity(kw) 45KW