Ceramsite Concrete production line



Foam Concrete Ceramsite Block
     Ceramsite foam concrete block is also called foam concrete ceramsite block .It  made by super lightweight ceramsite(Ceramic bulk density<400kg/m3)and foam concrete(water cement  fly ash  special cement foaming agent   special procoagulant enhancer)through 4 steps  mixing -- molding -- (wet cutting  dry cutting) -- natural conservation. It   a kind of generate solid, product specification
The main characteristic of this product
1.The block's coarse aggregate is made by ultra lightweight ceramsite (bulk density 300-400kg/m3)  which is sintering at 1100 -1250 high temperature, the surface of aggregate is ceramic(thickness 0.15mm-0.3mm) .The interior is relatively uniform distribution of closed and open type microporous (diameter  0.2mm-2.0mm), lightweight and high strength, good insulation, low water absorption, frost resistance, fire prevention, and good durability, and it can produce different intensity and density of the products through adjusting the super lightweight aggregate bulk density and volume.
2.The block slurry  microporous diameter is  0.2mm-2.0mm, most of them are closed type distribution, effectively reduces the water absorption, improves light, heat insulation and frost resistance.
3.The block slurry  fine aggregate is made by the industrial waste slag and fly ash. To use the activity of fly ash, which can effectively reduce the amount of cement, it is also beneficial to reducing the block density, improve insulation performance.
4.The water cementitious materials of the building block is all made by the cement, the strength is stable and improving year by year. Steam curing not only improve the producing  efficiency, and also reduce the product shrinkage in production line, which can effectively prevent the wall cracking.
5.In the condensation stage of the ceramsite foam concrete , ceramsite will absorb a part of water of the cement slurry, the water cement ratio is reduced, effectively improve the early strength of cement foam mortar, and then as the extension of the foam concrete age, and the percentage of the water in concrete becomes shortage,. At this time, the ceramsite which had  absorbed water to saturation will start to flow water, this process is cement mortar gradually hydration, maintenance, it is conducive to enhance the strength of cement mortar, but also conducive to improving the strength of cement mortar and aggregate interface compactness; Super lightweight ceramsite has light density, and the water absorption rate is relatively high, so that the ceramic is below do not form "cave", that can effectively reduce the water absorption rate, improve impermeability; ceramsite with more porous is relatively rough, it is helpful for improving cement foam mortar and aggregate interface consistency.
  Combining the advantages of the ceramsite and foam concrete   overcome the single product defects   The combination makes the foam concrete block light apparent density   high strength  heat insulation performance, low shrinkage, low water absorption, impermeability   frost resistance, strong fire and high durability   perfect sound insulation and sound-absorbing, good earthquake resistance and shock absorption.